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Environmental Color Inspiration for Interior Design

So great to be able to carry a camera everywhere and capture Mother Nature’s lesson on interior design and the influence of color! Reflecting my love for color in nature, I am pleased to have multiple homes whose gardens I have designed win the LaCanada Valley Beautiful Award. Thought I would share some of the pictures I have taken from my travels and daily life that have influenced my eye on color and inspired color combinations.

Animals – just want to do a room in these colors

In England - is this peacock just the best color combination?

Plants – some of my favorite colors

At my stylist Joseph (Salon Aguayo) - the colors in the many amazing orchids raised by stylist Michael inspire me weekly

On a walk - succulents reflecting some of my favorite shades

On a hike - ahhhh the bright yellow aspen against the bright blue sky

A walk in England - the greens of trees and nature's use of mirror reflection

The Beach – you just know color washes over my soul here

Hawaii at sunset - love these colors in the sky

Summerland, CA - off my back porch - mixing in the reds and orange

Summerland, CA -- ooooh the greys and blues I so love

Summerland, CA - sometimes you just stop and can't believe your eyes - color that leaves you speechless

The Mountains – nature calls me to attention and excites my eye on colors

Colorado - nature teaches us how to use that pop of yellow

At the Homestead Ranch in CO - beautiful crisp primary colors